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This was once a flight or fight response to life-threatening situations, but in today’s world when our lives are rarely threatened by predators we have no need for it. This is why exercise is fantastic, because it uses up that surplus adrenaline and gives you a rush of ‘feel-good’ serotonin. There are many other ways […]

Prescription Drug Addiction Rising During Recession

If you want to add a colored tint to your glasses, that’s possible as well! Tinted lenses allow you to see normally, but they have a nice tint to them that adds style to your new glasses. It gives rose colored glasses a whole new meaning. Reading glasses can be tinted. Search online or ask […]

Marinol Prescription

If you’ve recently found out you need reading glasses, or you’re thinking about purchasing new frames, check into fashionable, designer reading glasses. People who wear regular glasses can still wear reading glasses. If you already wear glasses and discover you need reading glasses, you don’t have to buy two pairs. There is no need to […]